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Picnic Spots Near Delhi

Delhi being the capital city of the country is the main attraction for every individual may it be from the country itself or from outside. And when it comes to the winter season, then Delhi becomes the best place for the visit. It is even called the tourist season for the place as there are several places around Delhi, which is quite historical and epic the presence of the Mughal Empire through their ruling period. There are even several parks all around the NCR region of Delhi where you can have a great picnic spot and even enjoy the climate of Delhi. These are hence famous to be the best picnic spots near Delhi.

Various spots for picnic:-There are places which have been the major attraction for the tourists and even localities throughout the year as being the best of the picnic spot near Delhi

Fort Unchagaon that is a heritage hotel located which is about 130 km for the Delhi near to Garhmukteshwar on Moradabad – New Delhi highway, it is quite famous for short weekend trips and has historical values of raja Surendra Pal Singh from the early 19th century. There are even river sighting features from the fort that gives it uniqueness and is surrounded with greeneries all around. There can even be horse riding, bullock cart riding, orchids, farm visits, boat riding and many more over here.

Dum – Dum Lake is another famous lake sight where you can have a peaceful and serene environment and it’s even easy to reach from the capital city through taxi or cab services. There is another lake called the Badhkal Lake that is perfect for boating and it is at the Aravalli hills which are surrounded by beautiful gardens and even have many water sports and horse riding facilities provided as a part of the enjoyment.

The built resort at Maneswar, which is a heritage village resort and spa that is just one hour distance from Delhi and the most important attraction of it is its architecture that represents the Rajasthan culture and heritage. They are filled with indoor and outdoor games, health clubs and swimming pools which are quite a big attraction not only in winter but in all seasons.

Kesroli village, which is just 155 kms away from Delhi and is located at Alwar district, and the main attraction of this place, is the 600 years old fort which is converted to be one of the oldest heritage hotels in India. Here you can take the adventure of the splendid views of the sunset, walking through the mustard fields surrounding the Kesroli Fort. It is even having sanctuaries and museums.

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